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atomos project – monumental lightness

By Stefan A. Schumer, Editor: Academy of fine Arts, Sarajevo


Caryatid: Architecture and the Framing of Bodies

By David Turturo; A dissertation presented to the faculty of the graduate school of yale university.


Imagine Buildings Floating Like Clouds

By Vladimir Belogolovsky, Thoughts and Visions on Contemporary Architecture from 101 Key Creatives


„Stummer Diener" The Design-experiment 2022  Art + Craft,

Published by Walter Hösel, Klagenfurt, Carinthia, Austria


Coop Himmelb(l)au - Weekly Planer 2022


A century of the disruptive avant-garde

Joseph Giovannini, Rizzoli


LEBBEUS WOODS - Experimental architecture

Massimo Mucci, IUAV, LetteraVentidueEdizioni


recorded in Los Angeles + Vienna

Edited by Peter Noever
and Andrea Lenardin


AA Files, Architectural Association London, AW 21/22

David Turturo, "Action Architecture: Blood, Soil and the body as a Stage"


out‾of the blue
[ Art+Architecture Out There ]

128 Pages, published by Schlebrügge.Editor, Publishing House.
€ 24,00 [A] € 23,30 [D] $ 26,99 [USA]


Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky, Spuren in Wien

Zwingl, Christine (Hg.), with Contributions by Peter Noever - August 2020, Vienna 


Günther Feuerstein, Zeitzeuge

100 Jahre Moderne Architektur
100 Menschen Begegnungen Bauten Ereignisse


Not to be mistaken, Koen Vanmechelen

1986 - 2021, 281 pages, 1. Edition, Language: English; Curated by Didi Bozzini, graphic design by Brusatto, with contributions by Peter Noever


Realisierte Visionen (Realised Visions)“, Klaus Bollinger

Institute of Architecture, University for Applied Art, Vienna, 2021, with an essay by Peter Noever


“Fair”, Magazine for Art and Architecture, No. 1/2020

Contributions by Peter Noever - August 2020, Vienna 


DAVID – Publication on the Life of David Ashotovich Sarkisyan

Initiator: Yury Grigorian, Architect (Moscow)
Concept: Meganom / Taisia Osipova, Natalya Dushkina
Editor: Y. Tarnavskaya 


Tomm Fichtner – Architektur Geschichten

Architect Tomm Fichtner, 2020
Contributions by Peter Noever


Peter Noever: Obsessions In_Focus

Confrontations, Experiences, and Glowing Friendships

Exhibition catalog / notebook, published by SCI-Arc, 2019 



Architect Alexandra Pavlova. Monograph, 2018
Publisher: MGNM Books
Commissioned by: Meganom office for architecture, Moscow


Touch of Time / Dotek doby

Magdalena Jetelová

Catalogue “Magdalena Jetelová – Dotek doby / Touch of Time”
Publisher: Národní galerie v Praze / National Gallery in Prague, 2017
ISBN 978-80-7035-638-8 


Germany mon amour

Curator: Peter Noever
Project Team: Bettina M. Busse, Leonore Leonardy / imago mundi / Luciano Benetton Collection • Texts by Luciano Benetton, Bazon Brock, Peter Noever

First published by Antiga Edizioni, 2016
ISBN 978–88–99657-04-8  


Representing Force

Eliyahu Keller

Master in Design Studies Thesis
Harvard University Graduate School of Design, May, 2016 

featuring The Havana Project / Lebbeus Woods

Published: 2016

Archaische Moderne

Eleven Buildings in Burgenland/Austria

featuring Peter Noever’s “Pit”, Burgenland/Austria

Publisher: Park Books, Zurich, Switzerland, 2015; Editor: Albert Kirchengast and Norbert Lehner
ISBN 978–3–906027–70–8

Vienna for Art’s Sake!

First published by FABRICA, Italy 2014
ISBN 978-88-98764-06-8
curator: peter noever


Re: Museum,
Wato Tsereteli

Publicationaccompanying the exhibition
'Re: Museum. Contemporary Art from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Germany and Georgia', 2014


design now
what if … ?

no/ever-design, 2012
art edition
ISBN 978-3-9503264-0-6
editor: peter noever

design now ©

no/ever-design, 2011
art edition
ISBN 978-3-9503264-1-3
editor: peter noever

the [secret] return of no/ever

ACE museum los angeles
© SCI-Arc 2011
summary 1 / summary 2

walter pichler
sculptures models drawings 

publisher: jung und jung, salzburg, 2011
editor: MAK vienna
ISBN 978-3-902497-94-9

in the absence of raimund abraham

publisher: hatje cantz, ostfildern, germany, 2011
editor: peter noever, wolf d. prix
ISBN 978-3-7757-2999-4

nato a venezia
koen vanmechelen 

54. esposizione
internationale d’arte
publisher: venice projects, 2011
curator: peter noever

austria davaj! der gipfel des kreativen österreichs

editor: martina kandeler-fritsch, irina korobina, simon mraz
publisher: verlag für moderne kunst, germany, 2011
percept: peter noever


materials of the lecture of gerhard johann lischka / edited by peter noever / MAK, Vienna, 2010 / ISBN 978-3-900688-96-6

fractional systems

garage project II / an exhibition by peter noever with franz graf, raymond pettibon, elke krystufek, hernán diáz alonso, the next enterprise among others / metroverlag, wien, 2010

Urban Future. Manifestos

“Urban Future Manifestos” calls upon leading creative thinkers to address urgent questions about the future of the contemporary city.

Publisher: Hatje Cantz Verlag, 2010; Editor: Peter Noever, Kimberli Meyer;


20/21. MAK Collection of Contemporary Art

Publisher: MAK Vienna, Austria, 2009
Editor: Peter Noever
ISBN 978-3-941185-29-6

peter noever chronisch obsessiv

editor: gabriel ramin schor
publisher: verlag für moderne kunst, nürnberg, germany, 2008
ISBN 978-3-940748-76-8

Agenda 2010

Zukunftswerkstatt MAK

Publisher: MAK Vienna, Austria, 2007
Editor: Peter Noever
ISBN 978-3-900688-7-X

zwischen bild und realität

ralf konersmann, peter noever, peter zumthor
architekturvorträge der eth zürich / publisher: gta verlag, zürich, 2006
ISBN 978-3-85676-191-2

references to the undefined

art. the artists. the art museum / edited by peter noever / MAK, Vienna, 2004 /
ISBN 3-900-688-57-5

Architectural Resistance

Contemporary architects face Schindler today

Publisher: Hatje Cantz Verlag, 2003; Editor: Peter Noever;
ISBN 3–7757–1406


Donald Judd Architecture

Publisher: Hatje Cantz, Germany, 2003
Editor: Peter Noever
ISBN 3-7757-1132-5

museums without futures

artists’ positions / edited by peter noever / MAK, Vienna, 2001 /
ISBN 3-900-688-47-8

Guía de Arquitectura, La Habana colonial (1519-1898)

Research and cataloguing of selected works María Elena Zequeira, Eudardo Luis Rodríguez Fernández, Published: 1995


Franz West. Gnadenlos. Merciless

Publisher: Hatje Cantz, Germany, 2001
Editor: Peter Noever
ISBN 3-7757-1138-4

heaven’s gift

peter noever, sepp müller, michael embacher / CAT contemporary art tower / publisher: hatje cantz, ostfildern, germany, 2000

Upstairs Down
The Pit. The Tower. The Terrace Plateau.

Publisher: StoreFront, New York, 1994
Editor: Peter Noever
ISBN 3-901127-04-6

The Pit

Publisher: Aedes, Galerie und Architekturforum, Berlin, 1991
Editor: Peter Noever
ISBN 3-901127-02-X

die grube / the pit

peter noever / published by aedes, berlin, 1991 / ISBN 3-901127-01-1