Russia honors its unique museum director with a deep red shrouded ribbon. The book titled DAVID is dedicated to the life of David Ashotovich Sarkisyan. Biologist, inventor, entrepreneur, film director, patron of talents and fighter for justice was the director of the Shusev State Museum of Architecture in Moscow from 31 December 1999 — 7 January 2010.

Publication details:
28.5 x 21.5 cm. 536 pages, clothbound
ISBN 978-5-6040023-1-5
Moscow, 2019 

Initiator: Yury Grigorian, Architect (Moscow)
Concept: Meganom / Taisia Osipova, Natalya Dushkina
Editor: Y. Tarnavskaya

In 2010 the “Director’s cut on David Sarkisyan” was published on this website.

On the Konstantin Melnikov House

There are grandiose plans ahead of us: we are planning to hold a large exhibition on Leonidov, one about Melnikov, and many others. The Melnikov exhibition is in a tenuous situation, because the Melnikov House, that famous construction, one of the global icons of the 20th century, is in the process of having a museum created within it, which will probably be attached to our museum. Or perhaps not, because there are disputes between the heirs of the late Viktor Melnikov, the son of the architect. There are several challenging issues here, but we will overcome them. Ultimately, we have very important works by Melnikov in our museum, and any exhibition related to Melnikov cannot take place without our participation. We want to present Melnikov to the world anew, so that architects again pay attention to him and think about his work.

—David Sarkisyan in an interview with Christiane Bauermeister

Interview with David Sarkisyan

Interview in David Sarkisyan’s Moscow office

Interview: Christiane Bauermeister
Montage: Sergey Garkavyy
MUAR video-archive, 2009