Kaplya / Капля

Architect Alexandra Pavlova

Publisher: MGNM Books
Commissioned by: Meganom office for architecture, Moscow
Authors: Alexander Brodsky, Yury Grigoryan
Project Guidance: Taisia Osipova
Book Design: Beukers Scholma
Lithography, printing, edge gilding: Zwaan printmedia
Binding: Boekbinderij van Waarden
ISBN: 978-5-600-00463-4 (English) / 978-5-600-00464-1 (Cyrillic)

Alexandra Pavlova monograph, 2018. Alexandra Pavlova was one of the founders of the Meganom office for architecture. The word "Kaplya" is Alexandra’s "nom de guerre" and a title of her monograph. Kaplya’s best architectural and artistic projects, from conceptual installations to implemented buildings, are published in this book. (text from http://meganom.moscow/project/kaplya/)