art for peace!

peace must urgently inspire our minds again. war is the worst.
war is the destruction.
the destruction of the spirit and of morality.
art, on the other hand, is the construction, the construct for a different world than the world we are familiar with. (PN)

i like to remember a special episode. an episode that has nothing to do with today, but very much with human feelings and human awareness.

"Nie wieder Krieg" [no more war] is the title of an essay by the influential 20th-century artist Donald Judd. In Vienna, I worked together with Judd at the MAK to prepare the exhibition "architecture", his first on the eponymous topic. But in January of 1991, just a few weeks prior to this exhibition’s scheduled opening, the Gulf War broke out - whereupon Judd had the exhibition summarily canceled.



“War is failure. War is caused by carelessness, wastefulness, thoughtlessness, incompetence, complacency and laziness.”
Donald Judd: ("Nie wieder Krieg," architecture | architektur, ed. peter noever, 2nd ed. ostfildern: hatje cantz, 2003, ISBN: 978-3775711326)