"I like ideas that at first seem impossible"

Vladimir Belogolovsky talks to Peter Noever, a Vienna-based Ausstellungsmacher/creator of exhibitions who aspires to do things that have never been done before.

STIRworld, New York, 2023

Interview excerpt:

VB: You use the word resistance when you describe art and architecture. What other words would you use to describe the kind of architecture that you imagine is missing?

PN: When I say resistance, what I really mean is not accepting the status quo. We need to push what we have and transform it. Every generation feels and thinks differently. Or take the Venice Biennale, for example, it’s become too big, too heavy, and too national in its character. It’s too hard to learn from it. Why not take 10 architects and see what they can come up with? But instead, we’re curious about what everyone is doing, even if it’s all the same. Wherever I travel around the world, cities are the same, museum collections are the same, their exhibitions are the same, they all focus on the same artists, and they’re all closed on Monday. This is absolutely the end of everything. People imagine the same things no matter where they come from. Somehow, we’ve lost our ambitions. In Vienna, every apartment building is the same. And people prefer to live in buildings that are old, not new.

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