Peter Noever and Eric O. Moss
"No Less Than The First Modern House To Be Brought Into This World"

Architecture Talk moderated by Lilian Pfaff
Centennial celebration, Rudolph M. Schindler's King Road House

West Hollywood, May 28, 2022

Things are moving. Yesterday's avant-garde quickly becomes today's tired establishment. At least one thing is certain: The Schindler House, a revolutionary architectural landmarkl on Kingsroad in West Hollywood gives courage and confidence to all those who want to be ahead at any price in architecture.

Regardless of the fact that over the past years architecture has been caught in turbulence and flux of critical environmental issues, this architecture talk will address questions such as:
– Can our society today still tolerate experiments ?
– Who is ready to leave mediocrity behind ?
– What are the actual circumstances for a further development of modern, contemporary architecture ?
– Are there any alternatives to the "algorithm dictate" ?
– And architecture as architecture today and now, tomorrow and in the future ?

Lilian Pfaff and Eric O. Moss
Peter Noever and Greg Lynn, West Hollywood, 2022
Peter Noever, Mark Mack und Valentina Ganeva, Director of SCHINDLER SPACE ARCHITECT July 28, 2022
Peter Noever and Eric O. Moss